About myself

WhenWerkstatt_M I was 10 years old I began to learn the violin in high school (Gymnasium) in Germany. I discovered my dream vocation when, at the age of 13, I visited a violin maker’s workshop in the Bavarian Forest for the first time, looking for a first violin of my own to buy.
Once I had passed my school leaving certificate (Abitur), I began to train as a maker of bowed string instruments at the Federal Higher Technical Institute (HTBLA) in Hallstadt, Austria, successfully completing my training in 2003. During that period I also discovered a love for Baroque music and for historical performance practice. In 2003 I began to work with bow maker Scott Wallace in his workshop in Vienna, where I learned to make bows.
I have been working independently in my own workshop in Vienna since 2012 and my main field of activity is making copies of historic bows.
For these bows I use materials chosen by the customer, whether pernambuco, snakewood or ironwood for the stick and mammoth ivory, horn or wood for the frog and button. Working closely with the customer I can thus produce bows of the finest quality. In addition to bow making, I carry out excellent rehairing and repair, while string instruments and accessories can also be purchased. I rent string instruments of high tonal quality, mainly to young people,

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